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Why do men fall in love?

Why men fall in love?

Because they see a glimpse of beauty, available and unattainable.

Beautiful features startle our imagination. As in the fairy tale with the prince and the frog. A frog is always a frog, but a “prince” can be anyone, anywhere, anytime. The beauty of the prince (princess) develops the world, enlarges our perceptions, and the space can be curved…..for a while.

Not because of me. Neither beautiful, nor available, my space is flat. But I have the Words. Through my words, I can shape everything.

Love is always green. Remember that.



Beauty by Vincent Van Gogh.

Failure and success

Failure and success. Dichotomy or what?

I have just stumbled upon an add for a book about success: “Always remember that failure is your friend” (Scott Adams).

Yes, I love not to be right now and then :). And I hate being right mostly all the time.

I can “see through” people and situations, I am very organized and I have loads of common sense. Nevertheless, I make mistakes. I like my mistakes, they are different. Others don’t make my mistakes.

BUT, I have always learned from my mistakes and failures. They are my teachers in life.

I wish I could paint. You can’t go wrong with a “copy” of something. In the olden days, a picture of reality, and later, in postmodern age, a picture of the soul, or another mirror to the world.

I like this “copy”. Makes my heart sing.

ivan siskin

By Ivan Shishkin.