As I don’t go with the flow, I wouldn’t write about trendy topics, I stick to the less fashionable words in English…Hence my invisible stories, my monthly words and my daily English courses.

I have become an entrepreneur out of love for English…For speaking English with my students.  I have been creating new skills.

I have continuously proven myself. I am the person at the coalface.

My credo in being entrepreneurial is “Nobody can copy the work”.

Some can copy your ideas but nobody can work as hard as you do…You are the person at the coalface.

As it has been said: 1% inspiration & 99% perspiration.

What I have learned in 2015:

You tackle problems with your skills. They are enough to make do.

If your imagination speaks to you, LISTEN! As imagination makes the invisible, visible. Consequently, some of my invisible stories have become visible:






I bid you a Blissful New Year full of challenges and simple blue solutions, irresistible ideas and charming people, stories to tell and listen and huge heaps of SMILES.


Sharing is keeping a part of me:

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