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You’re my flame

You’re my flame…
in the pitch-dark monster lair
and beacon in eery glares of ugly nights.
You are never away…
You are always in the array
of blooming next day.
Sometimes I do prey
other flames gleaming
But I am just dreaming
at the same organ of fire…

…”The heart is an organ of fire.” – Michael Ondaatje, The English patient.

Rafal Olbinski










Art by the amazing Rafal Olbinski.

Engleza de joi/ Shunt

Shunt (Trains) = to move a train or carriage onto a different track in or near a station using a special railway engine designed for this purpose.
Shunt = to move someone or something from one place to another, usually because that person or thing is not wanted, and without considering any unpleasant effects.


One can never mind being shunted to spring again…










Lilac by Daniel F. Gerhartz.


The story in the beginning
is always hard…
Then you cannot escape it.
It coils around you deeper and deeper
and burns with words
I met him one shiny wintry day
My heart was as confused as the weather….

Ivan Fedorovich Choultse









Art by Ivan Fedorovich Choultsé (1877 – 1932).

Castle of Sport

Being an entrepreneur I need to be happy in order to find creative ways of fitting a giraffe in a fridge* every day.
To be happy, I need my space and time for exercising – at least one hour per day.
The castle of sport is where I live, allegorically. As I have imagination and means for sport-(fortify)ing.

When the sun shines in the sky and in my schedule, I take my bike and head up north to the park, hence my Biking Else Matters stories.

Sometimes I get tired, really tired, but this is the only way I am able to smile for approximately 17 hours a day. And my biking trips come with a lot of perks…Always finding something real and beautiful.

Sunset on the Herăstrău lake:

* how to fit a giraffe into a fridge – a question at a job interview asking about the ability of solving the unsolvable … which has become sort of private joke and story in my “business bestiary” :).

To be continued.