Do business in Equilibrium

As business owner always imagine you are based in Equilibrium.
This film is a fine piece of art about an utopian society governed by the banning of emotions and consequently, the banning of every form of art.
To sum up in a few gentle words, your product appeals to the feelings and emotions of your consumers but your business dealings don’t.

When dealing with customers you have no feelings. Because you will get a lot of rejection, and this might shred your courage into so tiny bits that you will not be able to recognize yourself. Then you start doubting the magic problem-solving power of your product. Don’t. It is still you and your product is wonderful.

Don’t care what people say and think about you. Care if they don’t respect you and your work. And care if they don’t respect your time.

Trust your intuition. If you have the feeling that you are wasting time with a (non)client, you are probably right, so stop the swapping of emails as this leads nowhither. Your time is as precious as any other assets in your company.

Businesses are not about passions. Yes, your product is your passion, but selling it (with a profit) involves cold calculations.

Don’t overthink. There are 2 types of clients, people who want to do business with you and people who don’t. The challenge is to detect the latest category (ASAP) and distance from them.

To be continued.

Vladimir Kush









Art by Michael Cheval.

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