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Engleza de joi/ Worthwhile

Worthwhile = useful, important, or good enough to be a suitable reward for the money or time spent or the effort made.

*Does the sun ask itself, “Am I good? Am I worthwhile? Is there enough of me?” No, it burns and it shines. Does the sun ask itself, “What does the moon think of me? How does Mars feel about me today?” No, it burns, it shines. Does the sun ask itself, “Am I as big as other suns in other galaxies?” No, it burns, it shines.*
Andrea Dworkin












Art – Enclosed Field with Rising Sun by Vincent van Gogh.

Corfiot entrapment

Romania is my country and Corfu is my home island.

I am caught in the magic of the island of cypresses, millennia-old olive trees and nymphs. The satyrs are not scarce either, they just resumed human form. If my words escape you, I would like to say that Greeks are very handsome and “warm”.

I want to relocate in a very small cottage on a mountain side, overlooking the sea and palm trees rustling merrily in the lazy salty breeze.

My single worry was to get up early (at 6 A.M. or so) to still catch the stars and then, the sun. And later, after happy hours of basking in its mellow warmth, watch it jumping into the waves on the way to the other realm.

October in Corfu is like late beautiful spring in Romania. Balmy air, birds chirping, tons of colors and fragrances heralding another spring. The one starting in November!

“Gradually the magic of the island (Corfu)  settled over us as gently and clingingly as pollen.”
Gerald Durrell, My Family and Other Animals

I illustrate with my photos: the waning moon at dawn & later, the waxing moon at dusk; the clearest water that I can look into till my eyes turn blue & one stunning sunset; a romantic ship in the Kerkyra harbour & the highest peak – the Pantokrator.

Word Debt

Words are everywhere…They float about and run towards us since forever and shape our fragile childhood dreams.
Words make us humane. Our entire being is constructed upon words.
And then we become in debt… We owe a “Good morning”, a “Good night”, a “I miss you”, a “I love you”, a “Thank you” … if we are lucky.

Words storm over us in apprehension of our hearts. We name feelings, colors, sentiments, passions. We imagine stories and name our heroes. We become enchanters and share the limelight of our stories. We fall in love.

We owe nothing but WORDS. And promises, commitments, visions, dreams and magic…

Flock of words travel to us every day. Some we hear. Some are left in a deaf haze, unanswered and alone.

Words are powerful. Yet they need a power which does not lie within themselves. As it lies within you. Give power to your words! Shape them clear and make them swift, concise and lasting.

I run a words business. No matter how much I give, I am still in debt… For many years and many blissful days. I give power to your words and shape them correctly in sentences free of doubt and alive with promises…

We always keep.














Art – Inspiration by Michael Cheval.

Do business in Equilibrium – part 2

Life is irregular and we need to do business in Equilibrium to simplify and even the rough facets of human interaction.

Sometimes you feel like you have crossed oceans and seas to find the one-of-a-kind orange tree adorned with gold leaves. Or maybe you have found the magic lettuce from the Bear’s garden*.
You are prepared to offer it to your customers, still they are not pleased and want more.

They want More because Less is what they do not understand: the core of your business, the “elusive” thing without which your product does not exist: Your MISSION statement.

Your mission appeals to the mindset of people.
Your mission creates connections.
Your mission creates promises you HAVE to keep.
Empty your heart of misgivings and fulfill your promises by following your business pattern and delivery system.
And keep an eye on the money.
Running a business is like running a show. It is either good or bad. In the beginning it is usually bad. So don’t sweat about it. But make it good in time…Make it so good that your first business show now appears to have been held for the Eskimos, a hundred years back.

“The past is a foreign country.” – L.P. Hartley

*Source of inspiration – The Story of Harap Alb – A Romanian folk tale by Ion Creangă.










Art by Rene Magritte.

Carcass of a dream

What is a dream
But the realization of
wishes and happiness pure
prolonged and decaying
in the mere
cold, sticky and
shimmering blue

words that spoke of true
Love alive on the hills,
beaten by the winds
and slowly falling asleep
on the wings of winter.

© Iulia Halatz

Art by Emil Orlik, painter, etcher and lithographer born in Prague in 1870.