The man with the crimson heart

I know someone
who kisses the way
a flower opens,
but more rapidly. – Mary Oliver

I know someone
who breathes as soft
as stories
find nests into lives.

I know someone
who touches
the sunset light
in the sycamores.

I know someone
who kisses
in Binary Code
One in spirit
One in flesh…

















Art by Viktor Vasnetsov.

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20 thoughts on “The man with the crimson heart

  1. Sidharth

    Truly outstanding the way you orchestrate the emotions with your skillful usage of words, another aspect of your post that really impresses me Luila is the selection of image that you so brilliantly use to connect with the post that craft, keep up with the good work bud 😊

      1. Sidharth

        Your own writings are nothing less than exhibition of masterpieces of creative art in their own respect 😊 keep up the good work dear friend


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