Trail away

Trail me away
with questions
and the weight of your love.
Abyss is not yet invented
Just seen in shadow moons…

Cast me away
with a thought
replenishing with haze
in mid mountain mornings…

I carry feelings
in my pockets
and stories of you
to guard my garden of lilies…

Every night
I wash myself of you
until another one comes written…


Reposting an old poem from 2015.

Art by John William Waterhouse.

Sharing is keeping a part of me:

19 thoughts on “Trail away

  1. Jon Maddoxx

    “Trail me away with questions…” Lulia Halatz
    “Ask me your questions….” ColdPlay

    Once I knew love. It come without any questions neither answers. At that moment I knew for the 1st time what true love is. I had found it. I had only 26 years, 3 broken hearts in thousands of pieces scattered around my mind. Thoughts about giving up coming all the time. For sure people lie about love when they say “I overcome everything”, “I had forgotten” “My parents and siblings are more important” “I’ll find someone who will understand me”.

    Big mistake. You are not gonna forget, overcome, find more important thing and someone who will truly understand you. Because true love doesn’t need words neither explanations. It’s pure Fate, Providence and real Magic. It’s the only thing that can transcend us above humankind or any fake god in this world of pain, injustice, betrayals, envy, vanity, death…

    You are not gonna need money or give importance as normal people do, you are not be yourself anymore. It’s so powerful that ordinary people will fell fear of you. They will label your words as they do with people suffering from insanity. There is no insanity in true love. Insanity is deny it. Insanity is not live it.

    I’m living with my true love today. But not before we were forced for long 13 years to live separated from each other. We have a beautiful son. A son that I never saw a walk like his before on Earth. He is not human like us. he is becoming much more than human. He is pure love. Around him exist an aura of light and kindness. He doesn’t fear the cruelty and judgement of mankind. He will overcome everything. Because he is pure love.

    The evil coming from Humankind can’t defeat love. They can kill us, they can torture us and do everything what they want. But Fate and Nature always will find balance. There is some sort of God. Nothing about all these fake gods and prophets tailor-made by men. It’s something much ancient. We don’t own our destinies. Our destines are connected with everyone. One single imbalance and you change the whole. The world of pain and full of appearances that all of us are living is the true proof that we are dealing with strange forces that react against every single thing connected. Sooner or later, everyone will fall. The world is sick. The soul of the world is sick.

    I hope that more people don’t fear the future. Embrace your destinies. Live the true love that already is inside of you. It’s very hard. It’s tough. But is powerful when you find your another half soul. Believe as I believed once after being smashed and almost died through the judgement and darkness interests coming from all sides.

    You are pure love Lulia. Do you believe it? Everyone should believe it. I don’t know how to say or explain how you must live your lives. It’s a lonely journey. Without any open roads or trails. Don’t fear it. Fear not finding – till the last second of your life – your true love. Try at any cost as if you would die tomorrow. In this journey there is one single possible move, to move forward. Trust your instincts, say your prayers (to whatever you believe) and fate and providence will be always at your side.

    Kind wish


    ps. Don’t kill you eye browns, please. They are a part of your wild soul and beauty. Each one of us is unique in our singularities. 🙂

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  3. grumpytyke

    Lovely ‘welcome back’ after missing a few posts while travelling. Now I’m on a ship crossing the North Sea on the way to UK so with a few hours before we reach Harwich I’ll be able to catch up. Sad to leave the most poetic of cultures – Romanian – but we’ll be back. x


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