Cobweb dance

HE loves me
He keeps my tears
at bay
in a corner crystal ball
and my heart in a field of molten flowers*.
I want to loose the yarn
Again he pours
crimson dew on my weary tales
whilst I am not looking…
It warms like midnight kisses…

My mind smells
the sweet cinnamon
glueing his words together
My eyes see naught
But my garden lilies caught
in cobweb intoxicating grip
and exhilarating dance…


*Source of inspiration – The B-52’s.

Art – Cobweb Dance by Charles Courtney Curran.


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12 thoughts on “Cobweb dance

    1. Iulia Halatz Post author

      Thank you! <3 The original verse from The B-52's song is "Fire in a field of molten flowers" 🙂 It helped me with that particular line. The rest was partly inspired by the art.


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