What can I give you?

What can I give you? I am the blue
as imagined by a blind
and the roots of knowledge
as watered by a scholar.

I am the yellow
wind and the mauve
respond of light
in the ubiquitous trees
tethered in the clouds
that barely scratch
the sky.

I am the green
storm and colorless waves
that wished upon a mountain
to break water in tryst
with the sun.

Not by blindness
we can reorder colors
but by the painting of a soul
in a moment tender
as the liquid moon
is quivering above the forest.


Art by Jan Schmuckal.


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15 thoughts on “What can I give you?

    1. Iulia Halatz Post author

      Thank you! 💚❤️
      I was particularly inspired by the painting. Jan Schmuckal has a powerful vision of the colors of the world. I wish I could paint like this.


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