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Stargiver – Iulia Halatz

A year old poem written for the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective:

The stars that glisten
on October skies
are green
like water lamps.

I am plotting
a story for you…
Letters are meant
to be sent swirling
my brokenness cripples
my words.
I am silhouetted
letters can’t mix
I need another alphabet.
My alphabet of you
is made of syllables:

Do not despise
my syllabary
You have a tale
boiling in my chest…..

Once there was an olden boy
His heart grew on thistles
and faint grass
He followed the North Star
like moss
in the duplicated garden.
He told of journeys
in the heart of wind
and memorabilia
of small disasters…

Sparks of thysen
light my waterways
like glowworms
paths of fairies.
In dreams your glint
is stumped
by pink trees and cardboard flowers.

This is not your duplicated garden
it is my cardboard dominion.
There are rooms
For every room there is a wish
to grant.
The stars room gives
a Tomorrow
that you can touch.

The moon room gives
a Yesterday
no longer under
wraps and clothes
of Spring.

I am a crumpled picture
in a secret drawer
barred behind the sunset
creasing more
each dawn…

My picture captures
the beyond
of blossoms
and shy rains
of dew…

I am mine
continuously drawing light
on shady souls
and glorious

In my stargiving…

Photo – Myrna Loy, 1926

As if …

“As if you could pick in love, as if it were not a lightning bolt that splits your bones and leaves you staked out in the middle of the courtyard. (…) You don’t pick out the rain that soaks you to the skin when you come out of a concert.”
Julio Cortázar

Art by Vincent Willem Van Gogh.

Sudden Denouement Seeking Submissions for New Writers

Sudden Denouement started a little over three years ago with a vision of creating a platform for divergent voices. We have grown tremendously and have been gifted with amazing talent from around the world. We are now soliciting submissions for new writers. If you are interested, please send a sample of your work, along with a short bio. We are interested in those who write poetry, short fiction, or any form that lends itself to the format.

If interested please send submissions to:


David Lohrey is the personification of Sudden Denouement.

The Crime of Understanding

He tells me Fashion has a purpose.
“You’re not against anything,” I say.This is part of the problem. People defend the end of the world, explain it, like they don’t care. Like if they understand it, they can control it.

[David Lohrey is the author of Machiavelli’s Backyard from Sudden Denouement Publishing. He is also an editor for Sudden Denouement and a mentor for me personally – Jasper Kerkau]

Iulia Halatz – All roads lead to Rome

My latest on Sudden Denouement:

All roads lead to Rome
and poetry
– Delmore Schwartz

All words lead to Love
And the poetry in the afterLove

I wish I wrote poems
For the dreamers of barren lands.
They do not go to Rome
They go to places
That cannot be.

Maybe love is a colorless, odorless
shapeless haze
We see through
with the eyes of
the bricked sky,
pathless oceans
walled shrubberies
streeted lunarian trails
breathing and tingling
In the perfect nightmare
of flowers…
Vines reward our sun
with the sweetness
of grapes
wedded in perpetuity with
the linear shades of amber.

From the Good Place
Where joy is an illumination
To the Place that Cannot Be
They would have worn
The silver claw
of the Moon
above their heads

© Iulia Halatz

Art by Ellen Rogers.

Can’t – pbbr (classic SD)

Stunning piece on Sudden Denouement

“Can’t sleep lately. Everything’s too bright. I’m not used to serenity; I am comfortable in the moss, under a rock, in the onyx flames of ill repute.”