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Autumn Day

Lord? It is time. Giant summer’s at an end.
Lay down your shadows on the sundials;
Across the fields unleash a cooler wind.

Tell the last of the fruit to fill and ripen.
Send them two more warm, southerly days,
Push them toward completion then, and chase
Last sweetnesses into the thickened wine.

—Rilke, Paris, 21 September 1902

Art by Franz Dvorak.

Who is your white whale?

“Who is your white whale?” I sometimes ask my students.
Who is the person or entity you dream about working with?
Who you are chasing on all social media in order to see if you can sparkle some words in a deft cover letter to make yourself irresistible to them?

My white whale has been I am in and it is tremendously and utterly fascinating. I am still chasing dreams that will be carved in the bark of the Medium scrolls.

You can be our next white whale.
We’d love to hear from you!
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We write stories to survive and sur-thrive.

Art by Waldemar Kazak.