Leave abysses behind

I understand predicaments. I lived through them.

After I left the limbo, something broke and the words and the odds have become simple and clear. As in a song sheltered by the desert.
Indeed, you are right. After all, we have nothing but possibilities, to build and to fly.

Working hard, musing and vicariously traveling in the obscurity of the Unknown. Reading and rewriting the stories of tomorrow. Because at your fingertips there is an inventory of light that was once gloomy shadows.

You have created wonderful dominions with the power of your mind and imagination. And we have the same engine that sets us going, doing better and leaving abysses behind.

And remember:
“We are the masters
of two small islands:
One of carton trees
and hollowed plastic flowers
and One
where the moon lives.” — from Trapeze Artist of the Moon

© Iulia Halatz
Co-author of Anthology Volume I: Writings from the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective, available on Amazon and Kindle.

Art – SALVADOR DALÍ -Woman at the window in Figueres. Source: Pinterest

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