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Do you want your emails, reports and letters to stand out? Would you like to develop your ideas into powerful pitches? And do you dream of finding a clear, concise style of business writing that will make your work stand out from the crowd? This is the course for you.

The Creative Writing for Business is a fresh, practical course for marketing and communication professionals. It offers how-to techniques, practical advice and real world examples to improve your written materials across all media: websites, brochures, proposals and more. It’s available through the Learning On Demand library.
Creative Writing for Business is an engaging course that helps business professionals find their voice, discover and develop a range of new writing ideas, and harness the power of words to persuade and inspire.
If you’ve already been writing for your company, this course will give you the skills to write in a more creative way. If you haven’t written for your company yet, this course will give you the skills you need to feel confident about taking on that role. Either way, this is a must-have tool for any writer who wants to learn and practice successful business communication.

Content creation is a massive task to tackle. We start with the story without which your business didn’t exist. It might be the simple story of how you get the idea, or how your idea came into being.
Writing is like mining for gold. We need to drill and excavate and blast through a huge amount of rock before we find a vein of gold. Once found … We deliver your content writing, business writing, SEO writing and creative writing with joy as we have a flair for writing in different styles at affordable rates.

My unique teaching method focuses on key business principles while helping you write with clarity in mind. I guide you through the process of creating a process plan, writing a policy and procedure, communicating performance expectations and creating professional documents for your company.

I prompt you to start writing with “The truest sentence that you know“.

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