Creative Writing course

Writing is a ladder.
But … Writing doesn’t come easy, as “words are events; they do things and change things.”

Want to learn more about creative writing and how to use your skills in the business world? Then the Creative Writing course is for you.

“Creative Writing” is a course that provides tools and exercises to aid the experience of writing and the process of adjusting to it. With this course, you learn how to write creatively and purposefully.

The Creative Writing course introduces the fundamental aspects of creative writing. You’ll learn about voice, narratives, and storytelling. You’ll study techniques for characterization, plot development, and dialogue as well as be challenged to write short pieces using different modes of writing, such as poetry and essay writing.

Learn how to use your creativity to write copy for websites, blogs, and online shops. Learn how to drive traffic by writing copy that works.

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Art – Edward Hopper – Compartment C, Car 293, 1938.

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