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“It was the worst of times; it was the best of times.” – Charles Dickens

It is the worst of times because winter is coming, and it is the best of times as underneath decaying dreams and leaves, spring and joyous days await.
Waiting for spring has glorious snow perfume dissipating into windy mists and cosy thoughts behind blurred windows.

Nevertheless, for Halloween, I light a green candle, preferably in a pumpkin, and I light many, many candles for my departed loved ones and loving people to find traces of my love. Undying…

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What are dreams made of?

What are dreams made of?
Inspiration and a great deal of effort. We slog through, sometimes pausing to admire the first glimmer of success.
Companies are founded on a dream, not a single idea.

What are your dreams?
To be free.
To feel free.
To feel free to choose whichever type of day you wanna have.
Feel free to choose the type of life you want.
To be materially free.
Feel free to travel.
Experience new life routines.
Feel free to make money.
Spend substantial amounts of time improving our knowledge and abilities so that we may earn more money and enjoy the independence that comes with it.
Freedom to make you our passion scalable.
But how do you start?

Art – Frederick Judd Waugh

To be continued