Pitch me! Pitch me!

Every day on social media I get 20 to 30 messages a day of people pitching me stuff.

Typically, I find myself bombarded with pitches for website services and other impressive AI features or platforms, not to mention people gleefully leaving comments on my blog with their website link embedded in them.

My blog is bursting with comments showcasing a wide array of offers: the most cutting-edge AI, top-notch website tools and design, and an extensive range of services.

Or hey, It seems like there’s some negative press that could be potentially damaging. Understanding how fast misinformation can spread and wishing not you to be caught off guard, I felt the need to notify you.

Content seeding. We receive comments that link to the brands website such as news platforms, education websites and wellness products and services. I sometimes approve comments pertaining to the first two categories.
Content seeding is a digital marketing strategy where content creators strategically plant a brand’s content across various platforms. It’s like sowing seeds in a garden, but instead of zucchini seeds, marketers plant content to grow brand awareness and attract leads.

Link exchange comments. They have included my website in theirs (allegedly), and I should do the same.

My work as an editor and writer for Fragrantica has led to a plethora of fragrance-related offers.

Our financial and business development course has put us on the path of manifold financial offers from some rather persistent people, requesting an appointment as soon as possible.

Personally, I would never consider such impersonal pitches. I must confess, I am eager to expand my client base. To achieve this, I consistently produce and share content on a daily basis. Additionally, I deliver a newsletter and invest in advertisements. Moreover, I have developed a long-term marketing strategy that may appear modest, but has proven to be quite successful.

In life, it’s crucial to bring value to the table. Without it, your sales pitch is destined to fall flat.
It’s puzzling why some businesses jump straight into selling unnecessary services instead of focusing on delivering value first, or, at least, starting a conversation.
Being persuasive is second nature when you’re willing to assist others and build real relationships.
Indeed, although it may require more time, you will at least make progress.
Attempting to sell without understanding the specific issues that individuals require assistance with is a futile endeavor.

Marketing operates under the same principles. Without a clear understanding of your target audience, your marketing efforts can quickly become a drain on your resources.
It’s high time to put an end to their constant pitching and instead focus on doing their due diligence by thoroughly researching and understanding their customers.

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