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Personal value proposition

“Your PVP, your personal value proposition, is how you impact your company.
It’s how your work changes the world.” – Gapingvoid

Content writers don’t write blog posts – they create stories.

Teachers don’t teach – they create stories and experiences.

Teachers create stories around you as a main character. You get to play many parts, one of which is to rewrite and retell your story in English. With “little” help from your teacher.

So when you come to the course, you know what story to weave.

There is no place for arrogance in the teaching. The only thing is changing the world of your students.

© Iulia Halatz

Art by Hans Andersen Brendekilde.

Iulia Halatz
She says: “Be the one who cares, make words so disruptive that they create new worlds, hopes and dreams. Even if we are unhappy dinosaurs and find shelter in an Iron Tale or ruminate about feeling too much, whilst declaring colorless apparel, we should take power and strength from our stories.”
Her published poems can be found in The Sudden Denouement Anthology Volume I.

Engleza de joi/ Silt

Silt = sand, soil, mud, etc., that is carried by flowing water and that sinks to the bottom of a river, pond, etc.

“Seas move away, why not lovers? The harbours of Ephesus, the rivers of Heraclitus disappear and are replaced by estuaries of silt. The wife of Candaules becomes the wife of Gyges. Libraries burn.”
Michael Ondaatje, The English Patient

Michael Ondaatje’s words are plain wizardry about visible wars and the invisible, the ones we battle everyday with us, shadows, dust and smoke. Nobody has molded love and life in such astounding stories.

He was born on the 12th of September, 73 years ago, in Sri Lanka.










Art by Vincent van Gogh.

Curs gramatica limbii engleze

Tuesday is a fluffy furry creature day! Take it with some good English vibes:

We would like to invite you to an informal meeting with the English grammar!

  • On Saturday, 2nd April, from 10 AM to 4 PM the English grammar works for you.
  • From 1 PM to 1.15 PM, coffee works for you – coffee break with some jokes that work (only) for me…

The ultimate goal of this intensive English course is FOR YOU to speak & create simple accurate stories.


La cursul de gramatica limbii engleze vei învăța să așezi cuvintele potrivite în propoziții simple cu ajutorul substantivelor, articolelor, pronumelor, timpurilor verbale simple și continue, verbelor modale. Vei învăța să așezi cuvintele potrivite în propoziții complexe cu ajutorul diatezei pasive, propozițiilor condiționale, vorbirii indirecte…

  • Te ajutăm cu materiale gratuite, consultanță și umor…
  • Și o pauză de relaxare și cafea în strada Mendeleev nr.7-15 (piața Romană).
  • Înscrieri la Ultima zi de înscrieri este 28 martie.




“If I had asked people what they wanted they would have said faster horses”.
Henry Ford.

If I had asked my students what they wanted they would have said an English-Romanian translation course.

Not having asked and keeping my head and thoughts firmly outside the box, I ask you to speak English.

I ask you to think creatively and transform your thoughts in a story …

Don’t worry about your mistakes.

As long as you don’t take them anywhere with you or tuck them in every chilly evening…you will be fine…

At my courses I give you the user manual for transforming your thoughts in a simple English story.


A seasonal picture upon a magnificent story.  Source: D.j.Jeschke.

Van Gogh Santa


I tell my students, ‘When you get these jobs that you have been so brilliantly trained for, just remember that your real job is that if you are free, you need to free somebody else. If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else. This is not just a grab-bag candy game.’
Toni Morrison.

Grab bag (British English lucky dip) = a game in which people choose a present from a container of presents without being able to see what it is going to be.


I am to set you free from the horrors of making mistakes in English….Freedom is a dangerous tool, when given…

I am working hard & I am at the coalface in inspiring you to feel free in an English speaking environment.

A painter that sets me free: Julius von Klever.

Golden Autumn Julius von Klever


Engleza de noiembrie/ Capstone

Capstone = someone’s greatest achievement or the greatest part of something.

This leadership position represents the capstone of my carrer.


What has been the capstone of my carrer?

My entrepreneurial insight has led me at a point where I make strategies with a view to improving people’s skills…

I design strategies to improve their communicative skills in all fields of the language: creative & accurate business communication, creative writing & speaking in a legal, financial, marketing, medical environment, creative proofreading.

This is the greatest part of my work.


As for the picture…I would like my efforts & creativity to be seen in colours…Which I cannot use nor paint.

The garden of imagination by John Atkins Grimshaw.


Engleza de noiembrie/ Law of diminishing returns

The law of diminishing returns = the principle that after a certain point more work, investment… produces smaller and smaller improvements or results.


As for me, at a certain point I reduce my input of SMILES as the output diminishes.

The quantity of English rests the same.


For my readers, clients and friends:

I regret to inform you that my poor sense of humour never diminishes.




English for autumn. Grammar

English for autumn. The English grammar course.

I don’t care where I work. I am a machine. A machine of talking you into* English grammar & words.

I only need:

  • a whiteboard
  • few felt-tip pens.

You only need:

  • 6 hours or so
  • patience
  • joyous expectations.

Do not forget to smile as You welcome me into your life to solve the tiniest of problems. International Comunication.

Dacă nu stii gramatica limbii engleze, nu te poti exprima corect!

Cursul intensiv de gramatica limbii engleze se organizeaza in Bucuresti dar si in Cluj, Bacau, Iasi, Constanta, Pitesti, Ploiesti, Brasov daca la sediul companiei tale sunt 7 persoane interesate de comunicare in engleza.

Acest curs de organizeaza si in sistem de curs individual (la cerere).

Materialele de curs sunt gratuite.

Book now: +40722.841.053 &





There are many useful words on this blog:

*Talk into = to persuade somebody to do/ not to do something.