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My latest video about the Drake Passage

On maps, the spindly arms of Cape Horn and the Antarctic Peninsula reach out to grasp one another, separated only by the Drake Passage, which is named after Sir Francis Drake, a 16th-century English explorer who had also been involved in the slave trade. Some prefer to call it Mar de Hoces, in reference to the Spanish sailor Francisco de Hoces, who may have reached this part of the world 50 years before Drake. 

Sir Francis Drake (born c. 1540–43, Devonshire, England—died January 28, 1596, at sea, off Puerto Bello, Panama) was an English admiral who circumnavigated the globe (1577–80) and was the most renowned seaman of the Elizabethan Age. – Britannica

Some of the world’s strongest ocean currents flow through the Drake Passage, and huge rogue waves have caused the deaths of passengers on ships there as recently as 2022. Some voyagers have reported waves in excess of 65 feet.

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World Ocean Day

World Ocean Day is celebrated on June 8 annually to inform the public about the impacts of human activities on oceans and to mobilise the support of the world citizenry to take up a more proactive and sustainable approach towards ocean use.

Ivan Aivazovsky, Sunset, 1866

What Are The Best Productivity Blogs?

Zen Habits
Zen Habits is about finding simplicity and mindfulness in the daily chaos of our lives. It’s about clearing the clutter so we can focus on what’s important, create something amazing, and find happiness. Leo Babauta is the Creator of Zen Habits living in San Diego, California.

Lifehacker’s an award-winning daily blog that features tips, shortcuts, and downloads that help you work and live smarter and more efficiently. Our mission is to help you save time and get things done.

Tim Blog
Tim Blog is a platform founded by Tim Ferriss, an entrepreneur, and author, with a mission to share his insights and experiences on personal growth, business, and lifestyle design. The blog features articles, podcasts, and resources on productivity, entrepreneurship, and self-improvement.

Full Focus Blog
Explore our blog for the latest insights and strategies for goal achievement. Full Focus is a performance coaching company based in downtown Franklin, TN. We equip goal-minded individuals, business owners, and leaders of the world’s largest companies with the resources they need to accelerate their performance.

Steve Pavlina
Steve Pavlina covers a broad range of self-help topics, including productivity, relationships, and spirituality. Steve Pavlina is a personal development blogger.

Thought Catalog
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What Is Your Mission And Purpose In Life?

I read on Instagram that discovering your life’s goal and purpose is essential before taking any action or hoping to achieve any kind of success.

What makes you get up in the morning?

About me
My true purpose and mission in life: to write very well. To make people stumble on my words and never stop coming back.
I love writing, and I am willing to work harder.
As I mentioned in a previous article: writing is a demanding task that requires skill and dedication. It encourages deep and thorough introspection. It demands a significant amount of determination and fortitude. It requires a solid grasp of the structure. A great deal of reading, tedious research, and summarizing are required. Not to mention battling the writer’s block…

To travel. To breathe different air. Didn’t you notice? In some oniric landscapes, the air is tangible and it has taste…
Working hard and being committed may lead to a more fulfilling existence, as I’ve come to acknowledge.

To work hard, and I will, so that my life is filled with unforgettable experiences and so that I may see the world through the eyes of others and learn about their ways of living.

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Unveiling the Power of Off-Page SEO: A Journey Beyond the Website

Once upon a time, in the vast kingdom of the internet, there was a castle of knowledge—a website filled with valuable information and services. Its gates were adorned with intricate designs; its walls were fortified with strong algorithms; and its towers reached high into the digital sky. But despite its grandeur, the castle remained hidden in the depths of the virtual wilderness, obscured from the wandering eyes of the populace. This is where the tale of off-page SEO begins—a journey beyond the confines of the castle walls into the realm of links, mentions, and reputation.
Chapter 1: The Essence of Off-Page SEO

In the realm of search engine optimization (SEO), Off-Page SEO is the magical art of enhancing a website’s authority, relevance, and trustworthiness beyond its own domain. It involves activities conducted outside the boundaries of the website itself, primarily focusing on link building, social media engagement, and brand mentions across the vast expanse of the internet.

According to a study by Moz, off-page SEO factors carry more than 50% of the weight in terms of ranking factors, making it a crucial aspect of any digital marketing strategy. This emphasizes the significance of venturing beyond the website’s borders to establish a strong digital footprint.

Chapter 2: The Power of Backlinks

In the kingdom of SEO, backlinks reign supreme. These are the bridges that connect one website to another, signaling to search engines the popularity, relevance, and credibility of the linked website. Research by Ahrefs reveals that pages with a higher number of backlinks tend to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), illustrating the pivotal role of backlinks in Off-Page SEO.

However, not all backlinks are created equal. Quality surpasses quantity in this realm, as links from authoritative and relevant websites hold more weight in the eyes of search engine algorithms. Therefore, a strategic approach to acquiring backlinks through outreach, guest blogging, and content marketing is essential for success in Off-Page SEO.

Chapter 3: Social Signals and Brand Mentions

In the digital age, social media has become the bustling marketplace where conversations thrive, and communities gather. From likes and shares to comments and retweets, social signals serve as indicators of a website’s popularity and relevance. Studies have shown that strong social engagement correlates with higher search engine rankings, making it imperative for businesses to cultivate a robust presence on social media platforms.

Furthermore, brand mentions across the web contribute to the establishment of online credibility and authority. When reputable websites mention a brand or its products/services, it not only exposes the brand to a wider audience but also reinforces its trustworthiness in the eyes of search engines.

Chapter 4: The Journey Continues

As our journey through the realm of Off-Page SEO draws to a close, it’s evident that the landscape of digital marketing is ever-evolving. With search engine algorithms becoming increasingly sophisticated, the importance of Off-Page SEO in enhancing a website’s visibility and ranking cannot be overstated.

By harnessing the power of backlinks, social signals, and brand mentions, businesses can transcend the confines of their websites and establish a formidable presence across the digital domain. However, this journey requires diligence, patience, and a deep understanding of the intricate workings of search engine optimization.

As we bid farewell to the castle of knowledge and venture forth into the vast wilderness of the internet once more, let us remember that the journey of Off-Page SEO is not merely about reaching the pinnacle of search engine rankings, but about forging meaningful connections, building trust, and leaving a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of our digital audience.

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The Most Beautiful Christmas Painting Contest

We are going to start publishing the most beautiful Christmas paintings on December 17th. 

Christmas is the time of enlightenment, inner warmth, and profound joy, and I particularly liked what T.S. Eliot said in “The Cultivation of Christmas Trees”. 

The child wonders at the Christmas Tree:
Let him continue in the spirit of wonder
At the Feast as an event not accepted as a pretext;
So that the glittering rapture, the amazement
Of the first-remembered Christmas Tree,
So that the surprises, delight in new possessions
(Each one with its peculiar and exciting smell),
The expectation of the goose or turkey
And the expected awe on its appearance,

Let’s start growing our Inventory of Light with the most beautiful Christmas paintings.

You can vote for your favorite in a comment below the articles, or on Facebook.

Thank you!

Illustration – Salvator Dali‘s striking Christmas design for ‘Vogue’ 1946. The best, in my opinion.

Contemplating Eternity

Romania is a prolific country for a pandemonium of artistic expression, starting with literature, the fine arts, and lately, the art of perfumery. Because, even though we no longer live on these plains, the original Romanian soul feels solidarity with these geographical views in its eternal depths, and we keep a faint heavenly recollection of them in a sorrowful corner of our hearts.

Excerpt from Adi Ale Van’s Universe: Contemplating Eternity, my article on

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The Lingering Garden

AI magic

The Lingering Garden is a renowned classical Chinese garden dating back to 1593. It is located in Jiangsu province, China. The garden is divided into four themed sections connected by covered walkways. The central garden encircles a pond and a grotto constructed of yellow granite. It was created by the renowned artist Zhou Binzhong.
– excerpt from ESXENCE 2023: Four Inspiring White Florals, my article on

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Loneliness of stars

Humans cannot comprehend the loneliness of stars. We may, however, experience and picture the all-encompassing darkness that removes the barrier to the shimmering hidden beauty and thoughts of wonder.

– an excerpt from In Astra: Stargazing Into The Fragrant Light, my article on
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The Magic of Florence

After taking in the beautiful, iconic Tuscan landscape below, I arrived in Florence and discovered myself in a location where nature and history have collaborated to cast a magical veil over a land that has received the blessings of both God and the gods. Many of the sunrises were so beautiful that, over the Dome, I was able to see the pink magic fingers of Eos dismantling the immaculate light of dawn into the sun’s first rays.

– an excerpt from Perfumes of Breathtaking Fragrant Places, my article on

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