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What Is Your Opinion About The AI?

I have received this question in a comment on my last article on Fragrantica: ESXENCE 2024: Artificial Intelligence Perfume Day

AI is just a tool. Firstly, I dismissed the idea, and then, when more and more news emerged on the topic, I decided to take a look.

However, it is important to remember that writing is a demanding task that requires skill and dedication. It encourages deep and thorough introspection. It demands a significant amount of determination and fortitude. It requires a solid grasp of the structure. A great deal of reading, tedious research, and summarizing are required. Not to mention battling the writer’s block…

Can AI do that? NO.
I use AI mainly for research, and I managed to uncover a lot of useful websites that were not so easy to find by simply pasting in keywords. Is it possible for robots to index websites instead of search engines?

Yes, I agree with the general opinion that we have become addicted to screens and artificial long-distance relationships.

For anybody who has experimented with AI, there are two things made clear. AI can create all types of listicles and use plagiarized content for its writing. The listicles can come in handy, depending on the purpose. Valuable information is available for the right questions. I started to see AI-generated content on Quora. I checked some of the answers, and they were inaccurate.

LinkedIn employs AI for the prompts for collaborative articles. I participate in those when I have time and like the topic.
Also, contributors on LinkedIn complain that their AI-generated content has been flagged, as well as AI-generated content on websites and blogs.
The technological progress is undeniable. Lately, it seems that there is AI for everything.

I remember a talk with my IT students a long time ago, and then we decided that, more or less, everything had been invented. We were wrong, of course. Also, they told me something very beautiful that I remember to this day: that above us there is a nebula with all the inventions of the future lying there, for somebody eager to take the trip up and bring them down.

Now and then, I am thinking about my favorite writers and characters, trying to imagine what they would do with a smartphone and how they would relate to technology. For example, consider Emily Dickinson. What would she write on Instagram?

The main character in Jane Eyre treasured a walk in the garden, regardless of the weather conditions. What’s your favorite pastime? Binge-watching? Social media posting? Searching for Instagrammable views?

I use AI to mind the gap between the old beauty of the world, where imagination caught fire merely by watching a small corner of the wilderness, and the new world, where the sources of creativity are so many that they become cliche.

AI-generated photo

We are currently developing a course about harnessing AI for the benefit of your activity.
Stay tuned!

Do you think AI tools will take over most SEO tasks in the future?

I have found this question on LinkedIn.

AI technologies will undoubtedly still have a significant impact on SEO in the future, but it’s improbable that they will entirely replace human SEO experts.

What AI can do well in SEO:

Data analysis: AI excels at crunching huge amounts of data, identifying patterns and trends that humans might miss. This can help with tasks like keyword research, competitor analysis, and technical SEO audits.
Content optimization: AI tools can analyze existing content and suggest improvements based on SEO best practices, ensuring it’s optimized for search engines. Some can even generate content drafts, though human editing is still crucial for quality and creativity.
Predictive modeling: AI can analyze past data to predict future trends and user behavior, allowing for more proactive SEO strategies.
Automation: AI can automate repetitive tasks like link building outreach and technical SEO maintenance, freeing up human time for strategic thinking.

What AI cannot do:

Creativity: Artificial intelligence (AI) will never be able to replace humans in creative content strategy development, user intent understanding, or audience engagement evaluations. For examaple, I can write an astounding post about the photo below or a poem.
Strategic planning: Embracing the task of establishing comprehensive SEO targets, harmonizing them with wider corporate goals, and flexibly responding to evolving algorithms calls for a keen grasp of human comprehension and astute strategic expertise.
Communication and relationship building: Business is no longer B2B but H2H (human-to-human) interaction. Engaging in outreach, skillful negotiating, and cultivating connections with partners and influencers continue to be most effectively managed by individuals.

Exciting news! Our new courses in March will delve into AI technology and its use in growing our business activities. Get ready for an enlightening journey! Stay tuned!

Photo by the author.