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A beautiful spring!

When you catch a dream, you run after another in continuation of the first.

For you, Spring has built so much Love as to fill the sky with blue and the gardens with happy green.

I bid you to live the new days to the full and catch all your dreams in the most beautiful spring of your life!



'The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies', by Beatrix Potter.


Art – ‘The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies’, by Beatrix Potter (1909).

The poetic trip

The poetic trip that one takes
is looking at the moon
in laughter
through the palms
of the palm tree.

And the Orion constellation
shimmering stars down
engulfs you in light.

I stop in thought
of a better place
As the trails of stars are reminders…

The poetic trip is
When you find the air
that smells like cypresses and wild withered flowers
and the golden breeze fretting secrets
that we only know.


This poem has become a bespoke present for a beautiful person.