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Do you think AI tools will take over most SEO tasks in the future?

I have found this question on LinkedIn.

AI technologies will undoubtedly still have a significant impact on SEO in the future, but it’s improbable that they will entirely replace human SEO experts.

What AI can do well in SEO:

Data analysis: AI excels at crunching huge amounts of data, identifying patterns and trends that humans might miss. This can help with tasks like keyword research, competitor analysis, and technical SEO audits.
Content optimization: AI tools can analyze existing content and suggest improvements based on SEO best practices, ensuring it’s optimized for search engines. Some can even generate content drafts, though human editing is still crucial for quality and creativity.
Predictive modeling: AI can analyze past data to predict future trends and user behavior, allowing for more proactive SEO strategies.
Automation: AI can automate repetitive tasks like link building outreach and technical SEO maintenance, freeing up human time for strategic thinking.

What AI cannot do:

Creativity: Artificial intelligence (AI) will never be able to replace humans in creative content strategy development, user intent understanding, or audience engagement evaluations. For examaple, I can write an astounding post about the photo below or a poem.
Strategic planning: Embracing the task of establishing comprehensive SEO targets, harmonizing them with wider corporate goals, and flexibly responding to evolving algorithms calls for a keen grasp of human comprehension and astute strategic expertise.
Communication and relationship building: Business is no longer B2B but H2H (human-to-human) interaction. Engaging in outreach, skillful negotiating, and cultivating connections with partners and influencers continue to be most effectively managed by individuals.

Exciting news! Our new courses in March will delve into AI technology and its use in growing our business activities. Get ready for an enlightening journey! Stay tuned!

Photo by the author.

What are dreams made of?

What are dreams made of?
Inspiration and a great deal of effort. We slog through, sometimes pausing to admire the first glimmer of success.
Companies are founded on a dream, not a single idea.

What are your dreams?
To be free.
To feel free.
To feel free to choose whichever type of day you wanna have.
Feel free to choose the type of life you want.
To be materially free.
Feel free to travel.
Experience new life routines.
Feel free to make money.
Spend substantial amounts of time improving our knowledge and abilities so that we may earn more money and enjoy the independence that comes with it.
Freedom to make you our passion scalable.
But how do you start?

Art – Frederick Judd Waugh

To be continued

Philip Michael Ondaatje

Philip Michael Ondaatje was born in Colombo, Ceylon on this day in 1943.

“What is interesting and important happens mostly in secret, in places where there is no power. Nothing much of lasting value ever happens at the head table, held together by a familiar rhetoric. Those who already have power continue to glide along the familiar rut they have made for themselves.”
― from The Cat’s Table

La mulți ani, România!

Today is Romania’s National Day!

Romania is my country and the sweet hills covered in vineyards are my home place.

I have yet to find more beauty in the world as to measure the balmy vineyards in the shade of moonlit evenings.

Here, in Romania, Beauty follows you everywhere. When you think you’ve lost it, it’s there breathing magic on your neck, tugging at your sleeve with gorgeous sunsets, misty mountains, bluish lakes, Shire-like emerald hills, fortresses that once kept invaders at bay…

This is a text written in 2017 for the blog of a dear friend. https://mohamadkarbi.com/romania/

In the picture – Curtea de Arges Monastery

Servicii de SEO copywriting

“The best SEO is great content” – Seth Godin
Conținutul original și updatat face diferența.

Strategia și tehnicile de optimizare SEO implică design și cuvinte. Nu neapărat în această ordine, deoarece și design-ul se construiește din cuvinte.

Scriem texte personalizate și optimizate pentru site-uri și magazine online pentru plăcerea clienților tăi și a ta, deoarece site-ul tău va performa mai bine și va ajunge pe prima pagină Google.

Serviciul nostru de scriere de texte SEO este conceput pentru a optimiza conținutul site-ului tău, astfel încât să genereze mai multe lead-uri și vânzări. Vom scrie descrierile produselor, postările de pe blog și alte pagini importante de care aveți nevoie pentru a-ți ajuta afacerea să crească.
Performăm optimizare SEO on-page și folosim cuvintele cheie adecvate în textele dedicate domeniului tău de activitate. Pentru textele existente de pe site-ul tău, facem un audit de conținut și venim cu soluții și strategii pentru îmbunătățirea și optimizarea textelor existente.

Agreăm un brief clar. Venim cu propuneri și strategii. Livrăm la timp cu drag și analizăm impactul și performanța textelor noastre.

Dar, înainte de a ne apuca de scris, trebuie să facem un audit SEO al site-ului tău și să stabilim o întâlnire la care vom discuta despre cuvintele și expresiile cheie pentru care dorești ca site-ul tău să performeze (și dacă acest lucru este posibil) și despre site-urile concurente.

Te așteptăm pe pagina noastră de contact!


Art – Adele Karmazyn. Sursă – Pinterest

Letter to my future self

I have discovered the most amazing website, https://www.futureme.org/, on which you can write a letter to the future…

I will and soon, the moment I grasp few free moments for musings and drawing ideas in my mind.

I illustrate with a past photo from 2012. If I were to write then a letter to the future, how many things would be true?
I can vouch for the fact that in 2012, I would never have imagined a future for me in politics… But as they say: “Never say never!”.

The photo was taken on one of the most amazing beaches in Palaiokastritsa, Corfu, in October 2012.

W. Somerset Maugham

Coffee and Somerset for me …

W. Somerset Maugham- 25 January 1874 – 16 December 1965.

Uncanny observer of human nature and my personal trainer and influencer:

“It was a night so beautiful that your soul seemed hardly able to bear the prison of the body.”

“Irony is a gift of the gods, the most subtle of all the modes of speech. It is an armour and a weapon; it is a philosophy and a perpetual entertainment; it is food for the hungry of wit and drink to those thirsting for laughter…”

“The faculty for myth is innate in the human race. It seizes with avidity upon any incidents, surprising or mysterious, in the career of those who have at all distinguished themselves from their fellows, and invents a legend to which it then attaches a fanatical belief. It is the protest of romance against the commonplace of life.”

“All the words I use in my stories can be found in the dictionary—it’s just a matter of arranging them into the right sentences.”

His stories are as simple and as beautiful as cherry blossoms in the moonlight

Art – Kaii Higashiyama, Cherry blossoms in the moonlight, 1982

Remedios laughs

Remedios laughs, but her laughter resonates in another world,” wrote Octavio Paz about the Spanish surrealist in an article entitled, “Apparitions and Disappearances.”

Art – Remedios Varo