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Perfume is the memory of a feeling

Welcome to the world of perfumes!

Whether you want to create your own scent, or smell ten thousand roses, there is a perfume for everyone in our collection. From citrusy fragrances, to floral scents, to designer perfumes from every decade and trend imaginable, explore the selection we’ve hand-selected just for you!

Discover a collection of fragrances that are sure to make an impression. Each perfume embodies its own distinctive personality…
While each scent is unique, they are all a perfect reminder of a moment.

Express your own personality with scent. May we suggest our amaranthine Lemon Noir? Accented with black cherries and saffron, this scent draws you in with a rush of seductive roses and jasmine. Then its heart is revealed, a trail of bergamot, a bouquet of oranges, lemons, vanilla and sandalwood.

Perfumes smell great, but they also make the world more interesting, more beautiful. And that’s what you want to radiate when you wear the right perfume. Of course it should smell good, but it should also speak to your own unique personality. That’s what our expert fragrance advisors are here for. They’re always happy to help you find the perfect scent, one that will make a first impression as memorable as the last. Your friends will wonder what smells so good when they catch a whiff of your new perfume, and your loved ones will always know when you’ve returned home by following their noses to find you there. It’s all about making things special for both you and those around you. So where do you start? It starts with our personal fragrance advisors at Sephora. They’ll introduce you to classic fragrances and timeless scents, new reaches in perfumery by talented niche perfumers working outside the mainstream. They can help you find a fragrance family or love affair that speaks to who you are and how you want others to see you.

Perfume is the memory of a feeling. Our perfumes are designed to enhance your aura and help you bring more out of life. From sophisticated to sporty, floral to fruity, enjoy the widest selection of perfume brands in the world and news ways to discover your right scent. Shop our perfume store to find your next memorable fragrance. – Lemon Noir