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How it Seems to Me

How it Seems to Me

In the vast abyss before time, self
is not, and soul commingles
with mist, and rock, and light. In time,
soul brings the misty self to be.
Then slow time hardens self to stone
while ever lightening the soul,
till soul can loose its hold of self
and both are free and can return
to vastness and dissolve in light,
the long light after time.

Ursula K. Le Guin

Thursday’s quote

“Light is the left hand of darkness
and darkness the right hand of light.
Two are one, life and death, lying
together like lovers in Kemmer,
like hands joined together,
like the end and the way.”
Ursula K. Le Guin (October 21, 1929 – January 22, 2018),
The Left Hand of Darkness


Art by Édouard Manet.

Myth and Mirth

“The poet Rilke looked at a statue of Apollo about fifty years ago, and Apollo spoke to him. ‘You must change your life,’ he said. When true myth rises into consciousness, that is always its message. You must change your life.
Ursula K. Le Guin ~ “Myth and Archetype in Science Fiction”

I look at Vincent van Gogh‘s zest and he spoke to me. “You must see the truth.”

I look at Michael Cheval‘s dance of color and he spoke to me. “You must believe in magic.”

I look at Remedios Varo‘s wild fire and she spoke to me. “You must acquiesce your dark side.”



Engleza de joi/ Asbestos

Asbestos = a soft, greyish-white material that does not burn, used especially in the past as a protection against fire and as a form of insulation.

“Some writers can handle lava with bare hands, but I’m not so tough, my skin is not asbestos. And in fact I have no interest in confession. My games are transformation and invention.”
Ursula K. Le Guin







Art by Dani Soon.