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“It was the worst of times, it was the best of times” (Charles Dickens).

It is the worst of times because winter is coming and it is the best of times as underneath decaying dreams and leaves, spring and joyous days await…
Waiting for spring has glorious snow perfume dissipating into windy mists and cozy thoughts behind blurred windows.

We don’t celebrate Halloween. Not even the day after All Hallows’ Even, which is All Hallows’ Day (All Saints’ Day).

Nevertheless, for Halloween I light a green candle, preferably in a pumpkin, and I light many, many candles for my departed loved and loving people to find traces of my love…Undying…










Painting By Lou Ann Bagnall.


Engleza de octombrie/ At the coalface

At the coalface = doing the work involved in a job, in real working conditions, rather than planning or talking about it.

The men and women at the coalface really understand the business.

So do I.

And every perfect day comes with new challenges.

…And the perfect nights are for pondering over your choices or basking in the silver moonlight…


Silver moonlight by John Atkinson Grimsaw.

Crude autumn afternoon

In autumns
we follow the light…
We find it
shuffling her feet on leaves
early yellow
in despairs for winters.

It hurries onto
Your face
As golden as midsummer roses
Absorbing all the beauties
that were…

Press a little bit of it
Under the folded layers
Of your heart

To warm your fire.


Autumn by Peter Fiore






Autumn light By Peter Fiore.



Engleza de octombrie/ Girl Friday

Girl Friday = a female office worker who does different types of work.

Watching films is good English practice: His Girl Friday (1940).

Sometimes I am my own girl Friday in my company.

I talk to people, I have meetings and presentations, I write personalized syllabuses for communicating in a legal, business, financial, medical English environment and most of all, I keep people talking at my specialised English courses (and laughing…now and then).

Nevertheless, I do find time to enjoy a dark and gloomy afternoon as the one depicted below.








Painting by Julius von Leypold (1806–74), Wanderer in the Storm, 1835.

Engleza de octombrie/ Dole

Dole = the money that the government gives to people who are unemployed (UK informal).

Young people on the dole are often bored and frustrated.

There is nothing poetic in being between jobs as you might become disheartened…

Well, don’t…

And if you care to search our shelves in my English shop, you will find help.


There is always poetry in the new day, coming surreptitiously to embrace your hand and spread new feelings…

Picture by my phone…






*Artistic/poetic licence

The freedom of artists or writers to change facts in order to make a story, painting, etc. more interesting or beautiful.