An inventory of Thought

The best of 2019 – a humble inventory of luminous words that I most enjoyed thinking and writing and you most enjoyed reading.
It has been nice to see that one of the most challenging year of my life has treated me with unimaginable friendships, clawed voices that can pierce through stone and pale moons that glint over the sea. Nevertheless, these do not belong to another language but have just escaped from the cage of last year.

On the 2019’s shelves there glimmered:<

Some from my collection:
Last, but not least a little sparkle from the Spillwords December Newsletter:

My power rests in my pen, as long as we are connected and my thoughts land stealthily on some verse, imagination still builds castles in foreign countries guarded by far away roses.

May we face this new time with the serenity of a blooming tree as nothing is more beautiful than the glint of the white blooms in the shade of the evening.

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Sharing is keeping a part of me:

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