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2023: A Banner Year

2023 was a banner year for me.

I’ve had the pleasure of attending perfumery exhibits and perfume releases, where I’ve had the opportunity to witness the unveiling of remarkable scents such as Osmanthe Liu Yuan by Le Jardin Retrouve and the latest creations by the incredibly talented Stéphanie Bakouche for Miraj. I’ve had the pleasure of encountering remarkable people and immersing myself in the captivating narratives they’ve shared. Human beings can be likened to walking volumes of knowledge. I have had the privilege of observing the remarkable growth and development of AI.

Lately, I’ve found myself delightfully immersed in the pages of Charlotte Bronte’s timeless masterpiece, Jane Eyre (yet again). In this literary gem, the protagonist cherishes a leisurely stroll around a park on a captivating November morning, shrouded in a gentle mist. It is really a precious and cherished experience for her.
In this modern day and age, we are fortunate to be bestowed with an abundance of information, experiences, and all kinds of content. I sometimes day dream and think about what a character from a novel, such as Jane Eyre, would do with the technology we have today….
The gift of knowledge is invaluable. The myriad of possibilities that lie before us when it comes to choosing what to do with these many resources is what sets us apart.

As an astute teacher, I have ingeniously crafted a cutting-edge curriculum tailored specifically for the realm of artificial intelligence, showcasing my unwavering ability to stay abreast of the ever-evolving landscape of knowledge. I have had the pleasure of teaching countless hours of bespoke professional English courses. I am delighted to announce that I have embarked on the exciting journey of creating a newsletter on LinkedIn to chronicle my many endeavors and the diverse roles I undertake.

I’ve been delightfully immersing myself in the world of perfumeries, all while keeping pace with the thriving and vibrant Romanian fragrance industry…

For the New Year I aspire to work more and better. I am eager to expand my writing skills and leave a lasting impression. Harnessing my abilities and experience to craft exquisite creations. Reviews, interviews, and essays are just a few of the many avenues via which one might reflect upon and explore more. I really anticipate witnessing the forthcoming advancements in the realm of fragrances.

During my talk with perfumer Stéphanie Bakouche for Fragrantica, we discussed the future of perfumery. If the future belongs to slow perfumery, it is yet to be seen this new year.

The big questions for 2024

AI challenge: where do we go from here?

Are there new perspectives and more market opportunities for developing new products?
Can you build a business solely on AI? Some say that it is possible … I wish I had time to give it a try.
What new (AI-based) products can I use to scale my business?

Perfumery Challenge: The Future of Perfumery

I wish I had some insight into the new launches. I will soon, of course.

What would be the main trends in perfumery?

Customers that purchase fragrances in the future are more considerate than previous generations. There are additional factors to consider when making a purchase decision. The fragrance market has been seeing quite a transformation recently, with the emergence of sudden TikTok sensations, and a growing emphasis on ingredient transparency.

These infrastructural changes suggest a perfume consumer that is approaching products, interactions, and purchases in a fresh and innovative manner.

For the new year I want: more sleep, more music, more tea, more books, more sunsets, more happy encounters, more creating, more strolls on the beach, more jokes, more laughter, more dreaming, more fun, more love, more peace.

And let us not overlook the fact that a bike ride is truly unparalleled, except perhaps for a leisurely stroll amidst the ethereal beauty of the clouds.

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