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Engleza de joi/ Gardening leave

Gardening leave = a period of time after an employee leaves a job when they continue to be paid but are not allowed to go to work or to begin a new job.

Your employer may ask you not to come into work, or to work at home or another location during your notice period. This is called “gardening leave”.
You will get the same pay and contractual benefits.



A Blissful Last Day of March!


“Love is just a trick…”
If so, it works. Love made me cycle in the cold to visit the beautiful trees of Spring.

Out of love for Spring and Vincent:


Return of Spring

Spring is where my heart is…

Pictures of all my blooming trees and the yellow fire of folstitia:


Michael Ondaatje

I like what Mr Ondaatje’s writings do to me.
They take me to a world without maps, to where I can find love in the beat of the wind and the shine of the desert.


“All I ever wanted was a world without maps.”

“A man in a desert can hold absence in his cupped hands knowing it is something that feeds him more than water.”

“She had always wanted words, she loved them; grew up on them. Words gave her clarity, brought reason, shape.”


Joan Miró, Vines and Olive Trees

Art by Joan Miró; Vines and Olive Trees, 1919.



Engleza de joi/ Have an axe to grind

Have an axe to grind = to have a ​strong ​personal ​opinion about something that you ​want ​people to ​accept and that is the ​reason why you do something.

I have an axe to grind about fairness…

Or as dear Somerset (Maugham) used to say: “It is unsafe to take your reader for more of a fool than he is. ”


What I have learned in business is to always dress up the truth in the most beautiful words I can muster.

Julius von Klever


When you paint like this, words are speechless…

By Julius von Klever.

Curs gramatica limbii engleze

Tuesday is a fluffy furry creature day! Take it with some good English vibes:

We would like to invite you to an informal meeting with the English grammar!

  • On Saturday, 2nd April, from 10 AM to 4 PM the English grammar works for you.
  • From 1 PM to 1.15 PM, coffee works for you – coffee break with some jokes that work (only) for me…

The ultimate goal of this intensive English course is FOR YOU to speak & create simple accurate stories.


La cursul de gramatica limbii engleze vei învăța să așezi cuvintele potrivite în propoziții simple cu ajutorul substantivelor, articolelor, pronumelor, timpurilor verbale simple și continue, verbelor modale. Vei învăța să așezi cuvintele potrivite în propoziții complexe cu ajutorul diatezei pasive, propozițiilor condiționale, vorbirii indirecte…

  • Te ajutăm cu materiale gratuite, consultanță și umor…
  • Și o pauză de relaxare și cafea în strada Mendeleev nr.7-15 (piața Romană).
  • Înscrieri la Ultima zi de înscrieri este 28 martie.