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An inventory of light

My humble words about celebrating Christmas in Romania have been included in the Spillwords December Newsletter:

“Christmas in Romania means drummers dressed up in bearskins to spook evil spirits and joyous children in colorful apparel chanting at doorways: ‘Do you welcome the Christmas Eve’s carolers?'”
Iulia Halatz

“Christmas in New York is an experience of the heart; the grand tree at Rockefeller Center, the Christmas Spectacular and dancing Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall, exquisite Department Store window displays, Santas and roasting chestnuts on every corner.”
Phyllis P. Colucci

“Christmas is the spirit of sharing selflessly under all circumstances….”
Hema Ravi

“‘Christmas is our childhood reawakening, evoking memories of participating in spiritual awakening at Christmas.12 reasons of the season to think of those without and of family members no longer here.”
Robin McNamara

“For me, Christmas means people getting together to celebrate the birth of Jesus. I love joining in the community carol-singing at a local housing estate. Magical if it is snowing.”
Denise D’Souza

“Christmas in Australia is a multicultural feast of food and summertime love.”
Fotoula Reynolds

“Christmas is the most joyous day of the year. As we celebrate Christ’s birth and reflect on our blessings, it is time to look forward to the New Year. Christmas is a time to rejoice with our families and loved ones.”
Mary Bone

“Christmas is not just a Christian holiday. It is a celebration of another year in the enigmatic journey of life. In my part of the world (Los Angeles), it is like the opening number of La La Land.”
Alex Andy Phuong

“Imagine sitting in the cool of the evening, sipping chilled Marlborough Sauvignon as the sun sinks into the horizon hazed by the embers of a mellow summer’s day, wind-kissed manuka blooms blushed by sundown.”
Elizabeth Barton

“Christmas means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. But to me, it always conjures these words to my mind: fellowship, community, love, friendship, family, companionship.”
Linda Crate

Art by Carl Ivar Gilbert.

Have a Creepy Little Christmas with These Unsettling Victorian Cards

Have a Creepy Little Christmas with These Unsettling Victorian Cards
from hyperallergic.com
by Allison Meier

“Anthropomorphic cats, murderous frogs, and insects dancing by the moonlight aren’t exactly part of our Christmas card tradition today.”