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MK Blog Directory

Mister Mohamad Al Karbi is offering a wonderful opportunity for all blog owners:

Are you a blogger looking for a free way to attract more people to your site? MK Blog Directory is a directory where bloggers can submit their sites to be displayed in a categorized way, making it easier for people to discover them. It’s a place where you can meet other like-minded bloggers too. Check this link for more details.


As you may already know, MK Blog Directory is a new section of this site that I want to promote. The best way is to advertise it on Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and Facebook. Such ads will cost a fortune that I have no escape from paying it if I want good results. So, an idea came into my mind. A new approach in marketing! Why to pay the big companies for advertising?! Let’s help each others instead. Considering that this directory was created initially to help bloggers, I’m going to pay the same amount to the bloggers themselves. We all benefit…

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