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A year old poem written for the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective:

by Iulia Halatz

The stars that glisten
on October skies
are green
like water lamps.

I am plotting
a story for you…
Letters are meant
to be sent swirling
my brokenness cripples
my words.
I am silhouetted
letters can’t mix
I need another alphabet.
My alphabet of you
is made of syllables:

Do not despise
my syllabary
You have a tale
boiling in my chest…..

Once there was an olden boy
His heart grew on thistles
and faint grass
He followed the North Star
like moss
in the duplicated garden.
He told of journeys
in the heart of wind
and memorabilia
of small disasters…

Sparks of thysen
light my waterways
like glowworms
paths of fairies.
In dreams your glint
is stumped
by pink trees and cardboard flowers.

This is not your duplicated garden
it is my cardboard dominion.
There are rooms
For every room there is a wish
to grant.
The stars room gives
a Tomorrow
that you can touch.

The moon room gives
a Yesterday
no longer under
wraps and clothes
of Spring.

I am a crumpled picture
in a secret drawer
barred behind the sunset
creasing more
each dawn…

My picture captures
the beyond
of blossoms
and shy rains
of dew…

I am mine
continuously drawing light
on shady souls
and glorious

In my stargiving…

© Iulia Halatz

Photo – Myrna Loy, 1926

She says: “Be the one who cares, make words so disruptive that they create new worlds, hopes and dreams. Even if we are unhappy dinosaurs and find shelter in an Iron Tale or ruminate about feeling too much, whilst declaring colorless apparel, we should take power and strength from our stories.”
Her published poems can be found in The Sudden Denouement Anthology Volume I.