If I feel depleted
Why should I breathe a name
That carves chunks of my heart
At night
And pending mornings
Sticks them
With meager liquid
That flows
In the deep
Of the dark
side of your
Quivering moon…
















Art – Midsummer Night near Vejle Fjord by Harald Slott-Møller.

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22 thoughts on “Depleted

        1. Iulia Halatz Post author

          Thank you (again)! For someone with the words, I have become rather repetitive. 🙂 I really like your blog! Thank you for the opportunity given to find and read your words!

  1. Sidharth

    In life we do encounter people who deceive us by creating false illusions & ultimately deplete us, making our soul bleed & breaking our heart every now and then, but miss I just want to express that hadn’t it been for such events of depletion then probably we might never embrace the path of our completion. If someone doesn’t leaves us shattered then we probably would never bump into that special someone who doesn’t see the cracks on our broken heart as a disgraceful entity, instead that special someone might see those cracks of our broken heart as spaces through which he/she can fill our depleted self with their unconditional love. I agree with you that one shouldn’t hold on to the feeling of depletion though we all our complete in our own individual self. Thanks for sharing such an emotional and heartwarming post. According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them 😊

      1. Sidharth

        Thanks for respecting my invitation, my heart bows in gratitude towards you for your kindness. As a reader I truly loved this poem of yours & will certainly carry the message of your poem in my heart.

          1. Sidharth

            The feeling is mutual my friend, I’m equally impressed by your writing skills and eagerly look forward to reading more of your writings in the near future. Do stay in touch dear friend 😊💙

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