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Cruelty is not a shield but a system of betrayal

We are all Arya Stark and deft shape-shifters dancing on stories in order to survive. We are but one step into cruelty every minute on the way to achieving our goals.
Cruelty is not a shield but a system of betrayal.
We betray our shattered feelings and broken image of ourselves reflected in mirrors that don’t belong to us.
We betray our inability to live up to our vision and our words.
We give in to our doubts: “What if I am wrong, what if they don’t like me, what if I am not enough?” We betray our powerlessness of being happy in our own world. We surrender to an odd country we never dreamed about.

We betray our transcendent fear of living in a blur devoid of bounties we wouldn’t dare take with our own hands.

And we forget that “Anything can happen in a world that holds such beauty”- Peter S. Beagle.

Art by Christian Schloe.