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How much creativity?

How much creativity does an English laguage course entail*?

As much as you want.

Or as much as you need to become fluent.

As a teacher I use my creativity to make you speak English and keep you “within the language”.

You should use your creativity to see beyond the words, to see the words and their connections in a sentence in English and not in your mother tongue.

Why do you think the “living” in a country is the easiest way of mastering the language?

Because there is nobody there to translate for you…


We can talk about creativity at my presentations. Expect a story or two.

Are you fluent in choosing your English?

Call +40722.841.053. Write at contact@cursinengleza.ro.

Nest Tuesday story:  When creativity is not the answer?


Later Edit.

I write my poems in English as my way of regarding English is the way I am trying to make my students see it: as a wonderful language with an unambiguous grammar.






*to entail = to involve something that cannot be avoided.