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How to increase traffic

Step-by-step directions for increasing my client’s targeted traffic by 50% in only four months:

1. Via emails, forums, and customer interviews, I identified what topics his genuine customers are interested in.
2. Conducted a keyword analysis to determine which keywords had the best mix of high volume and low competition.
3. Developed a pillar page (a large, detailed page centered on a certain topic) for the broadest keyword
4. Developed and published 12 weeks of blog posts on subtopics related to the primary concern (including optimized images)
5. Add a backlink to the pillar page.
6. Use guest posting and link-building techniques that lead back to the main page.
7. Pillar page quickly got to the top of Google for its search keyword.
8. Continue to optimize this page using data from Google Search Console.
9. Rinse and repeat as necessary.

A pillar page is a very long a comprehensive post used to build links and drive SEO.

This is effective! As long as you’re writing to provide lasting value and not merely to generate content. My constant objective is to be as actionable and detailed as possible.

Art – Herbert Badham – Breakfast,1936.