December light

December is what we are
When love glistens back
the light in the baubles.

We have the White and the Words.
Words that move mountains
tiptoe to touch the stars
whet the wondrous luster of the sea
travel with the wind
glimmer with the moon
Feel not the rejection and foible
of the world.

Words are a soft warm pillow
on which I rest
my threadbare soul
that trod naked
on paths of ice
and thorns.

Words keep my bloodshed
clean on a stave
and in hues of red
a song is made…


Art by Toshio Ebine.

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33 thoughts on “December light

  1. waleedhassanien

    In the most beautiful and beautiful O Julia…….The rest of the day on the birthdays I tell you every year and you are a thousand good and achieve it from the wishes of beautiful..

    Waleed Hassanien of Egypt.

  2. yassy

    Such a beautiful verse, Lulia. Stunningly awesome. Every word is exquisitely written. Emotions are woven into every syllable and fills the reader with wonder.

  3. Michael Clark

    Your verse seems to be hitting new heights… when I read this I was reminded of some of the great woman poets. Intense, intelligent+++, perceptive. Same with the last one. But even more consistently this time, methinks. 🙂

  4. mariewilliams53

    Beautiful Iulia! I nearly always have to read some of your poems at least twice, because you have an unusual writing style – very authentic and original – sometimes the meaning is not always immediately apparent. This is a compliment by the way, not a criticism! 🙂

    1. Iulia Halatz Post author

      Thank you very much! Your thoughts are lovely, dear Cherry 💜
      This is the nicest compliment, and indeed it is my way of seeing things, mirror-like but with a twist.


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