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Climb the mountains

“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop away from you like the leaves of Autumn.”
John Muir

Art by Harald Slott-Moller.

Song of Spring

Song of Spring
written for the Sudden Denouement Anthology Volume I

Spring is a princess
without voice
only fingers
to mix colors
in the rainbows.

She’s got a vessel
for the softest fragrance
pressed in archives
in the Library of Scent…
There are plums
the cherries
and the blooms of vines
on the earth’s shelves…

Anyone who writes down
to Spring
is simply wasting
a leaf of scent.

No one is ever so poor
as not to write up
to all the shades of Spring
and to the dancing stars
to give a gift
of chaos…

© Iulia Halatz

…By the time I began reading the final third of the Anthology, I wished for respite from the unearthing of discontent and the unforgiving barrage of reality, even as it was sometimes cloaked in fantastical imagery. And a partial reprieve came in the form of odes to the seasons: “The Marigold of months has sure begun./Fling back the shutters and let down your Hair…” (Lois Linkens’ “the Yellow month”) and Spring has “a vessel/for the softest fragrance” (Iulia Halatz’s “Song of Spring”). – Mariah Voutilainen

Eudora Welty, On Writing

“Indeed, learning to write may be part of learning to read. For all I know, writing comes out of a superior devotion to reading.”
Eudora Welty, On Writing

Eudora Welty’s cover letter for The New Yorker is the best one ever written, that is why I always introduce it at my Creative Writing Course under the heading “How To Pitch Yourself”.

Moonlight by the Sea

I once said that I could write a poem for each and every one of Harald Sohlberg’s paintings.
They break the silence of the words unspoken but so solemnly thought in the whirlwind of gold whispering leaves blown away in the opera of mellow sunsets.

Harald Sohlberg – Moonlight by the Sea, 1907

Ever bike?

“Ever bike? Now that’s something that makes life worth living!…Oh, to just grip your handlebars and lay down to it, and go ripping and tearing through streets and road, over railroad tracks and bridges, threading crowds, avoiding collisions, at twenty miles or more an hour, and wondering all the time when you’re going to smash up. Well, now, that’s something! And then go home again after three hours of it…and then to think that tomorrow I can do it all over again!”
Jack London

Art by Deborah Poynton.