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Castle of sport – cycling

Life is irregular. Some regularity could be the spice of just about anything. Just be regular in small pleasures and irregular in others – such as bad decisions, mad dogs and carbs 🙂

One of the regularities in my life is my fitness routine. And the uppermost goes to cycling. I started in my early years, so I had time to gather experience and not to be surprised by any “failure” as I survived them all.

Nothing can go wrong if you take a bike and start on.

It is an Adventure. You can go wherever you want and have means to observe life in the big city – people, old buildings, vehicles, feelings. Bucharest is a beautiful city with many facets. Bucharest is still the City of Lights. Nevertheless, it is not the city of cyclists, yet. That is why my pictures are taken in the park. I promise to break this habit and brave the big city, I mean the car-friendly city, and take pictures of some marvellous corners of history.

Keeping in shape. This has been my personal battle for as long as I can remember. It is said that you can burn 1000 calories in an hour. While cycling don’t go like the wind as the only thing that can come up out of this is exertion or maybe a flat tyre.
Cycling is very good for losing weight – I cannot give advice in this respect, but it is wonderful exercise as long as you like it and you are comfortable with your bike.

Life is better. Exercising is always good and happiness also resides in the small things. Firstly you change your routine of going to work and spending part of your time indoors. Secondly, bikers and roller-skaters are a nice community.

Earlier this week I have caught the skies on fire above the lake…

Happy June First!

The first June days are tiptoeing in light till they become the shiniest of them all.


Yesterday I captured 1% of the magic of the last day in May. On the Herăstrău lake -Bucharest.


Castle of Sport

Being an entrepreneur I need to be happy in order to find creative ways of fitting a giraffe in a fridge* every day.
To be happy, I need my space and time for exercising – at least one hour per day.
The castle of sport is where I live, allegorically. As I have imagination and means for sport-(fortify)ing.

When the sun shines in the sky and in my schedule, I take my bike and head up north to the park, hence my Biking Else Matters stories.

Sometimes I get tired, really tired, but this is the only way I am able to smile for approximately 17 hours a day. And my biking trips come with a lot of perks…Always finding something real and beautiful.

Sunset on the Herăstrău lake:

* how to fit a giraffe into a fridge – a question at a job interview asking about the ability of solving the unsolvable … which has become sort of private joke and story in my “business bestiary” :).

To be continued.

Return of Spring

Spring is where my heart is…

Pictures of all my blooming trees and the yellow fire of folstitia:


Old and New (2)

As I wrote last year this time, Old and New, I am not keen on boundaries, either visible or invisible.

What I wish for the New Year…As the saying goes that nobody is too slim or too rich, I would use my skills to make it truer:


More biking…


And a Whole Lot of Words given.



The Sun, the Moon and the Rose

I have the Sun, the Moon and the Rose

The lake and waters blue

which regardless of weather

Gleam back the True.


The Sun…













The Moon…








The Rose…








“Men had always been the reciters of poetry in the desert” – Michael Ondaatje.


Spring wind

The spring wind is formed

when snowy mists migrate south

and the fresh warmth kisses the earth.

It is a sparkling, happy wind

that never catches its breath.

Firstly it emerges beneath the bushes and leafless trees,

then in the new born grasses.

Yesterday I found myself in its presence.