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Engleza de joi/ Linchpin

Linchpin  – a person or thing that is the most important part of an organization, a plan, etc., because everything else depends on them or it.

What/Who is the linchpin of your activity?


The linchpin of happiness = a new spring?



Trees in the arms of Spring by Vincent Van Gogh.


Harald Sohlberg

Harald Sohlberg. I could write a poem for each and every one of his paintings.

A Moonlight with a Lighthouse, Coast of Tuscany ?exhibited 1789 Joseph Wright of Derby 1734-1797 Purchased 1949 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/N05882

A Moonlight with a Lighthouse, Coast of Tuscany.


What is the light without a moon

And the moon without the light?

The light is what we crave

But moon is what we see.

Engleza de septembrie/ Whet

Whet = to increase your desire for or interest in something.

“Feur had remained curiously unassimilated; she continued to whet the curiosity of lady Alison…” John Galsworthy, A Modern Comedy.

Autumn whets the illusion of permanence.

Nevertheless, the wind in the yellow air is playing a tune: You are no colonists of this world. You are just passing through… As boats dwindling into sunset glares…


Picture by me off the Ionian sea.

Engleza de septembrie/ The ins and outs

The ins and outs (of something) = all the details, especially the complicated or difficult ones.


To have an in with somebody = to have influence with somebody.

An in to something = a way into something.

On this blog I present the ins and outs of my business, the English Shop.


Stack sandal

As it is still the empire of summer and sun, I come up today with another fashionable word:

Stack sandal –  a type of sandal with high heels and a platform under the toes.

The picture is from my small, small garden. In August I do have a garden of lilies.

August Lily

I bid you a wonderful evening in your garden of lilies!


Engleza de joi/Flummoxed

Every Thursday comes with a new word.

Only that lately, every Thursday has come in surreptitious* mornings as a scorcher. I am flummoxed.

Flummoxed = confused, so that you do not know what to say or do.

Flummox is also a verb = to confuse somebody so that they do not know what to say or do (not being used in the progressive).

*surreptitious = done secretly or quickly, in the hope that other people will not notice.

As optimism is in the air, let’s feel refreshed by looking at this:

A garden with a sea view

Garden with a sea view by Ivan Fedorovich CHOULTSÉ.

We are all

Fireflies night

We are all fighters in trenches
and bleeders on battlefields.

We are all thinkers
of simplicities and beauties.

We are all carriers
of hopes and smiles.

We are all dreamers
of strange countries
full of secrets and dreams.

We are all lovers
of love and lust.

We are all yearners
for colours and truths.

We are all travelers
amidst unruffled nights
and shimmering fireflies.

We are all…

Sursa foto: Facebook. BY Kobayashi Kiyochika
Fireflies at Ochanomizu.

Girl and butterflies

Some say I have butterflies

Dancing in my head,

Green when winter’s away,

Red when trusting a dream,

Blue in hazy clearings,

Opening my paths

To you

To me

To him…

My yellow butterflies are polished silver

Glowing of ideas,

Shimmering of sparks

above linden flowers

In Spring.

Butterflies are always pink. Remember that.

Picture by Antonis Kalantzis.

girl with butterflies