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Castle of sport – roller skating

Roller-skating and I go back a long time. I started small and brutal with a fall off my rookie skates. Then I let things develop.

Roller-skating is a complete sport. In order to practice it, you need to be in shape. As a biker you know a thing or two about poise. As a roller skater you are an athlete. Because:
If you lean too much on one side, you fall. If you stand too upright, you fall on your back. If your ankle cracks (my case) when you change direction, you fall. If you don’t have a brake and you want to stop, you fall (my case again) :). If you are tall/er you fall harder.
Skating is a combination of balance, stamina, courage, decisiveness and good humour, as you need to pull yourself together, wipe off the dust, get on your skates, smile and move on.

Roller-skating is a sport for almost all seasons. You can start in early spring and go on even in late winter, if the winter is dry. Whilst the skating rinks are packed, the park is empty and so are the bicycle lanes. It is exciting, very good for keeping in shape, not as dangerous as I have depicted it, nevertheless if you are a little rusty in your exercising routine, you feel it better on your skates.

I llustrate with two pictures of myself for the sake of my skates.

Between the two pictures there are more than 9 years of joy, there are some kilograms gained – of humour, of course :), and my DNA lost on all the alleys in the park and some hedges, too, unfortunate enough to find themselves in my path.
Consequently I have become a better person, hence the knee pads and gloves in the second picture, and of course the transition from high speed skates to aggressive rollerblades.

Well, if dry winter comes, can my bike be far behind?* Possibly. Definitely.

* Source of inspiration: “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” by Percy B. Shelley (Ode to the West Wind).

Castle of sport – cycling

Life is irregular. Some regularity could be the spice of just about anything. Just be regular in small pleasures and irregular in others – such as bad decisions, mad dogs and carbs 🙂

One of the regularities in my life is my fitness routine. And the uppermost goes to cycling. I started in my early years, so I had time to gather experience and not to be surprised by any “failure” as I survived them all.

Nothing can go wrong if you take a bike and start on.

It is an Adventure. You can go wherever you want and have means to observe life in the big city – people, old buildings, vehicles, feelings. Bucharest is a beautiful city with many facets. Bucharest is still the City of Lights. Nevertheless, it is not the city of cyclists, yet. That is why my pictures are taken in the park. I promise to break this habit and brave the big city, I mean the car-friendly city, and take pictures of some marvellous corners of history.

Keeping in shape. This has been my personal battle for as long as I can remember. It is said that you can burn 1000 calories in an hour. While cycling don’t go like the wind as the only thing that can come up out of this is exertion or maybe a flat tyre.
Cycling is very good for losing weight – I cannot give advice in this respect, but it is wonderful exercise as long as you like it and you are comfortable with your bike.

Life is better. Exercising is always good and happiness also resides in the small things. Firstly you change your routine of going to work and spending part of your time indoors. Secondly, bikers and roller-skaters are a nice community.

Earlier this week I have caught the skies on fire above the lake…

Castle of Stress

Stress is the disease of the century. The root of all evils.
Battling stress is likely to become the achievement of the future.

My personal encounter with stress happened last year. Only last year, as my overhappy nature had prevented other (close) encounters. I realized I was stressed when I wasn’t smiling like a Cheshire cat as often as usual. Then it grew deeper, I developed stomach pangs or the first step towards gastritis. Everything was a blur, I felt worn out. Nevertheless I couldn’t sleep. And which was worse, I couldn’t think.

In my job and business I need fresh good ideas everyday, not to mention the “fitting of the giraffe in the fridge“. So I decided to stop. I counted the activities that made me happy and I realized I hadn’t been exercising in a while.

Now I admit I overdo it, I exert myself too much as it is my source of well-being…

As an entrepreneur the sources of stress line your path. The idea is to try and solve issues and situations in the best way possible, always smiling and always kind. If you can’t, move on and find better ways of helping others and yourself.

I help myself by writing – juggling words – reading – cycling – planking – drinking tea. My help towards you is yet to be seen as I will always find a way. As I have said before: “If I am happy, I am to make you happy.”

Consequently, this piece of art makes me happy. I do hope it creates a mutual feeling.

Daniel Gerhartz American b1965









Art by Daniel F. Gerhartz.