I am Iulia Halatz and I am a philologist and an economist.
I have taught business, financial, marketing, legal English in all kinds of environments in prestigious institutions in Bucharest. Through my services I have been involved with lawyers, solicitors, engineers, sales people, economists, marketeers, accountants, philologists, artists.

I have helped them to easily communicate in English and they have helped me understand that simplicity and personalisation are the Holy Grails of modern businesses.

My engineer students helped me simplify the English grammar teaching and consequently I have created my over simplifying grammar sheets and put them together in 6 hours of intensive English grammar learning.

I have learned a lot and I have given away loads of business stories, tips, experiences and (as I can’t help it) smiles.

Our mission is to inspire a fresh START and a new perspective in business ENGLISH communication.

My company is a boutique firm offering all types of English language services. We offer simple and personalized solutions for business communication and bespoke SEOcopywriting strategies.

Looking to level up your English-speaking game? Whether it’s nailing those corporate presentations, acing employment interviews, or slaying any public speaking situation, I’m here to help you shine! Let’s unlock your full potential together!
Also, I am a human-centered copywriter and author who writes about feelings, fragrances, and entrepreneurial freedom.

Iulia Halatz
Tel: 0722.841.053
E-mail: contact@engleza-de-afaceri.ro.
Founder: www.seocopywriting.ro, www.engleza-de-afaceri.ro, www.cursinengleza.ro.
Contributing author at Sudden Denouement Literary Collective, My Trending Stories, Medium.com, Spillwords.com, Pinterest.
My poems have been published in Anthology Volume I – Writings from the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective and Darker Objects.

I am an editor and writer for Fragrantica, the world’s largest encyclopedia of fragrances.

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