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“Men had always been the reciters of poetry in the desert.”
Michael Ondaatje,The English Patient

…As among dunes you can only see God or who you want. To see.
No assault to the imagination. No questions and whispers by people.
Only the wind carries wishes afar.

A poem soaring above the dunes brings the clarity of music and has the speed of sound.
And we get to see the glassy shine of Orion…
Love among deserts is never the same.

Part of magic deserts by Ivan Fedorovich Choultse.

Curs de limba engleză pentru marketing și publicitate

Marketeers, advertisers, niche marketeers, mass marketeers, content providers, copywriters, ideas people, salespeople needed for Marketing English course.

Presentations, case studies, flows of ideas, marketing 2.0, marketing 3.0, marketing mix, Swot analysis, marketing strategies, marketing ethics, the marketing environment, legal aspects of marketing, product development, product life cycles, branding, brand values, market segmentation, customer needs and behaviour, loyalty programmes, motivation marketing, Customer Relationship Management, the marketing budget, personal selling, Above-the-line, Below-the-line, Through-the-line, media strategy, the press, branding content, buzz marketing, logos, materials and containers, corporate marketing, crisis communication, corporate blogging

Organizăm cursuri de limba engleză pentru marketing și publicitate.
Program cursuri:  LUNI 8.00-11.00/18.00-21.00 sau SÂMBĂTĂ 10.00-13.00/13.00-16.00. Înscrieri la 0722.841.053. 

Strada Academiei nr.7 (Universitate).
Tarif: 300 de lei pe lună. Grupe restrânse de studiu de maxim 6 persoane.


Vă mulțumim și vă așteptăm la curs.

 Personalizează-ți engleza!


So many have hurt me

Out of love.

And I have worn the scars

As triumphs

Over my weaknesses.

Now I see your love

On my lips,

Into the changing colour

Of my eyes.

Your tentacles are invisible

And caressing

As ever…

I feel your thoughts

Scattered all over

As floating images

In my mirrors, every day.

I Wish…

I were as beautiful

As a painted picture

On a wall