Engleza de joi/ Veil

Veil = a piece of fine material worn by women to protect or conceal the face.

“Tell the truth through whichever veil comes to hand — but tell it. Resign yourself to the lifelong sadness that comes from never ­being satisfied.” – from Zadie Smith‘s 10 Rules of Writing


Art by Vincent van Gogh.

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23 thoughts on “Engleza de joi/ Veil

  1. Moin Qureshi

    Nice Words, Nice Paintings, Nice Choice, Nice Passion, Nice View of Life, Nice love for Colors. The World is Nice! It depends, through which glass you are seeing!!! Keep it up.

  2. grumpytyke

    This morning I can see the distant hills across the Wharfe valley almost hidden by a veil of mist – that’s a truth about Yorkshire. The van Gogh takes me back to student days though I don’t think that painting was in the London National Gallery where I sat for hours on wet Sundays wondering about his art. I still wonder. I’m sure truth shines through all of it.

    1. Iulia Halatz Post author

      Thank you!
      That is why I have picked it, it is an amazing but simple piece of truth. Again I am reminded of a quote by Jack London (Wolf Larsen), “I believe that life is a mess….It is like yeast, a ferment, a thing that moves and may move for a minute, an hour, a year, or a hundred years, but that in the end will cease to move.” Maybe the answer to life’s messiness is the shine of truth.
      All Vincent’s works have the same light.

  3. ricardohanleyjr

    Satisfaction comes to us all. The true veil is thinking nothing satisfies because things are fleeting. But again nature shows us summer must enter autumn and reveal change then into winter where the chill will frost over dead leaves. Holding onto to one moment may create a veil, when life and its satisfactions are free flowing.

    1. Iulia Halatz Post author

      Thank you very much for sharing your very beautiful words!
      Indeed, the truth of the seasons surpasses all fleeting things and enriches our lives with the prolonged symmetry of feeling.

  4. Earthpages.ca

    Last night I parked the car a little further away from a shop to avoid our nuts traffic. Walking along a commercial area that used to be fields I thought “our world is one of concrete and (civic) grass.” I wonder how Vincent would have liked the 21st century! Or, more likely, disliked… 🙂 The image you post really captures the “now” in its germinal phase.

  5. Iulia Halatz Post author

    All Vincent’s paintings show a zest for life that always speaks the truth and allows us see “a piece of truth”….You are always right 🙂
    Well, in faculty I learned a lot about Aesthetics and the professor had a thing for a book, Estetica del Paesaggio (Aesthetic and landscape) by Rosario Assunto and what I remember is that we must strive to find beauty in all landscapes… even if the skyline is blurred by our “world of concrete and steel”. Maybe Vincent would think the same.
    As for myself, I like antagonistic ideas and images (as there is common ground) and especially the mix of old and new.
    Thank you Michael 🙂

          1. Iulia Halatz Post author

            Well, Crystal, I used to teach to children, teenagers mostly. I enjoyed it very very much, as I like children and their imagination may work wonders, provided it is set free. I also used to “manage” a theater band and I encourage my students to write their own plays and poems in English. What was frustrating was the “system”. I care not to comment but this compelled me to start my own business.

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