Engleza de joi/ Dread

Dread = great fear or apprehension.

…I find nothing fantastic in so-called fantastic art, it is an aspect of reality in search of sanity beyond the normal bounds. I believe that fantastic art is related to the protective dream, that it prolongs the healing dream and finds symbols that change dread into wonder, strangeness and beauty. – Thomas Häfner


After a pack of dogs jumped at my bike wheels, I developed a “protective dream”. The dogs in the tall dream protected me of the dogs in the tall grass.

Art by Kinuko Y Craft.

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15 thoughts on “Engleza de joi/ Dread

  1. grumpytyke

    Did I dread P going back to school today? Yes, no more excuses for not doing the ‘chores’!

    You reminded me of my early days in Romania. In Bucuresti I often had to take a taxi just one block to avoid the street dogs. I dreaded encountering them.
    Then, my crazy bike ride from Baia Mare, via Sighet to Suceava. The biggest problem was the feral dogs, which repeatedly attacked me. I dreaded getting on the bike each morning (I took three days), just the dogs not the multiple hairpins climbing to around 2000 metres (?) though I hadn’t then been on a bike for around 40 years!

    1. Iulia Halatz Post author

      You know, children here go back to school on the 15th of January. Did I dread starting work yesterday? No, I loved it. Perfect excuse of not doing chores 🙂
      Fortunately, now it is not the case anymore. I like dogs but they are attracted by the sparkling wheels and they jump. When that happened, I was totally shocked. It was night and dark and I found myself surrounded by a pack of “wolves”. My dream was more like in the painting, and after that I was again attacked my “mountain dogs” in Bran while cycling on the snow. Pleasurable experience, what can I say 🙂 😉


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