Speak fast and furious

You are the ONE person to make choices and wise people say that our choices define us, not our actions.

You choose to speak fast provided you choose to follow the simple English word order.

Speak furious?? A metaphor…You are furious as you need more and more words every day…

In order for you not to become “furioser and furioser”*, I will publish more and more new words…I will tell more and more stories…

Some stories about legalese (engleza juridica) are waiting for you HERE.

Do not forget:

Speak fast! Speak furious!

At my courses I will teach you to Speak Smart!

Book a meeting or a demonstrative course at +40722.841.053  (contact@cursinengleza.ro).

*“furioser and furioser” has been inspired by “curioser and curioser” from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

Nevertheless, it is correct to say: more and more furious.


Sharing is keeping a part of me:

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