Engleza de joi/ Awareness

Awareness =  knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.

“As a separate entity one always feels alone and, as such, life is a process of easing the pain of this loneliness through substances, objects, activities and relationships. As Awareness, one is also alone but only in the sense that there are no others to be either separate from or one with. This is the aloneness of love.”
~Rupert Spira




















Art by Kinuko Y. Craft.

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5 thoughts on “Engleza de joi/ Awareness

      1. Earthpages.ca

        When younger I had a gf whom I liked so much, I said “I wish we could merge bodies like in Star Trek or something.” I was not talking about sexuality, per se. When I got older I came to learn that the soul can do miraculous things. But try telling that to a materialist!

        1. Iulia Halatz Post author

          Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I loved Star Trek and teleportation was part of the dream <3 …The little atoms our souls are made of can merge and communicate in ways unknown to materialists 🙂

          1. Earthpages.ca

            Yep. When I was in India I had a professor who became – informally – a kind of guru. He talked about the ‘superimposition’ of souls… I was young and didn’t fully appreciate all the possibilities but something clicked when he said it… 🙂

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