Engleza de joi/ Marsh

Marsh = an area of low-lying land which is flooded in wet seasons or at high tide, and typically remains waterlogged at all times.

“You’re a fire person. What you’re most like is marsh-fire; (…) you got witch-oil in your soul.”
Philip Pullman, Northern Lights

Art by Michael Cheval.


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6 thoughts on “Engleza de joi/ Marsh

  1. grumpytyke

    Interesting that I read todays quote, from the ‘Carnegies of Carnegies’ while sitting in the first Carnegie library to be opened in England.
    We’ve got a lot of bogs (a term we’d use rather than ‘marsh’) here on the Yorkshire moors and Will-o’-the-wisp – marsh-fire – is well known though I prefer to think it’s due to fairies or goblins rather than the scientific explanation. Of course it’ s sometimes due to someone with too much witch-oil in their soul!

    1. Iulia Halatz Post author

      Thank you! Impressive setting 🙂
      Unfortunately we have not got a lot of bogs or marshes …hence our folklore misses a lot on marsh people and flickering lights that never die. Of course it is the goblins and the fairies that need lighting. I guess I can feel from afar people with witch-oil in their soul 🙂 😉

    1. Iulia Halatz Post author

      I find it mesmerizing. It must be a surreal painter with witch-oil in his soul. 🙂
      I do not know the painter, could be Michael Cheval, but when I checked I couldn’t find this painting. Anyway, I will keep searching..
      Have a lovely day! Give my best to P.


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