Guest Writer: Tofu “Errant Pleasures”

Guest Writer: Tofu “Errant Pleasures” on Sudden Denouement Literary Collective

“I am lost.
labyrinth in static motion,
kaleidoscope-violated prism,
glass veins and sticky lacerations
amphetamine-laced burrowing into skin
and I’ve forgotten your scent……

[photo: Clara Bow]

“I am Tofu, a twenty-one year old poet. I reside in British Columbia, in a rural neighbourhood, surrounded by power lines and open fields. My work is influenced by trauma, uncomfortable sensations, and the people of my past, present, and future. I’ve trekked through periods of poverty, chaos, peace and growth, and weave my experiences into intimate and vulnerable poetry. I hope only to encourage thought and empathy from the people who read my work.”

I also have a personal Instagram at @tofulori.
Her writing can be found at
Instagram: @tofulori

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