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The knight of infinite resignation – Nitin Lalit Murali

Magnificent piece by Nitin Lalit Murali on Sudden Denouement Literary Collective

“The sunrise kills, and the sunset terrifies. I snatch sleep between the aubade and the curtain call, but even then, demonic dreams haunt. I’m not your source of inspiration.
So, I don’t ask for your sympathy and empathy is never given without a clause. I only ask for your understanding.”

Read more: https://suddendenouement.com/2019/03/05/the-knight-of-infinite-resignation-nitin-lalit-murali/

Nitin Lalit Murali is a poet, flash fiction writer and essayist from Bangalore, India. He also enjoys reading literature of different genres and listening to jazz and neo-classical music. He started writing seven years ago and art has consumed him over the years. He blogs regularly at Fighting the Dying Light.