You’re my flame

You’re my flame…
in the pitch-dark monster lair
and beacon in eery glares of ugly nights.
You are never away…
You are always in the array
of blooming next day.
Sometimes I do prey
other flames gleaming
But I am just dreaming
at the same organ of fire…

…”The heart is an organ of fire.” – Michael Ondaatje, The English patient.

Rafal Olbinski










Art by the amazing Rafal Olbinski.

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2 thoughts on “You’re my flame

  1. Cezane & Michelle

    Organ of fire, You’re my flame, every thing about this post is a rarity. Uniqueness bound not to be found anywhere else. You have gift Bud in this art of writing and turning your thoughts in the best manner to words. – Cezane


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