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Live in the “Not Knowing”

I started writing about my failures. I have created my own mythology.
Passion for everything I do is a unicorn.
Fear of being rejected is an olyphant.
Impossible dreams echo in my ears as siren songs.
Fear of not being able to make my humane appeal understood is a saber-toothed cat which tears at my flesh with clawed words.

This is the bestiary of entrapment in the world of “Not Knowing”.

Imagination doesn’t deal writing with an even hand. Your words must be true and woven on the steps others have built for you. It is unifying and putting things together. If I am not mistaken, this is Steve Jobs definition of creativity: “Creativity is just connecting things.”

“You have to learn to live in the ‘not knowing’ ” or in Equilibrium. This way you will fear less and become fearless.
– Iulia Halatz

Art by Waldemar Kazak